FPV box goggles

Apart from cleaning, maintaining, and checking your drone motor, one of the best ways to enjoy FPV racing is to equip yourself with FPV drone goggles. These provide you with a terrific experience as you pilot your drone. They let you see what’s right in front of the drone, and depending on the configuration you have, it can feel very close to flying with the drone.

Sound pretty great right? Problem is: FPV goggles are not cheap.

So for all you avid flyers like me that want a better connection to your drone, we’ll look into what makes this technology a pricey one and if they are really worth their price. 

Factors That Affect FPV Goggles Price

There are a few factors that will affect the price of the FPV goggles. These factors will determine not only the price range of the googles but also the features they provide. Such factors are as follows:

Type Of FPV Goggles

FPV goggles come in 3 different types, the low profile goggles, box goggles, and the FPV monitor. The low profile ones are the most popular among the three. They are also smaller in size so many like them for portability. 

The low profile goggles have a good balance of quality and price. They have a micro LCD screen for each eye, which makes the images crisp and of high-quality. However, you should not forget to properly set or adjust the LCD screen to your eyes so that it doesn’t produce a blurry image. 

The next type is the box googles. These are less expensive than the low profile googles but they are also bulkier. As their name implies, they are shaped like a box and they appear similar to how a smartphone VR looks like. 

Nevertheless, the box goggles still work and they have a few benefits. One of which is that there is no need to adjust the lenses. They are also suitable for those who are wearing glasses or contact lenses. 

Lastly, we have the FPV monitor which uses a small LCD and a built-in FPV receiver. It is attached to the remote control and lets you clearly see your drone. Many also use this as a tool for photography. 

Field Of View

Another factor that can affect the price of your FPV googles how big you see the screen. This is also known as the field of view. Larger FOV produces a more vibrant image.

Usually, those who are drone racing opt for FPV goggles that have a FOV in the 25-40 degrees range. This is suitable enough because it can be difficult to keep track of every detail when your flying at fast speeds. 

Components Used

There are different manufacturers of FPV goggles and they may use various components to assemble their product. The display used for the FPV goggles is one of the most expensive components. 

Additionally, the quality and functionality of the units also play a part in the price tag of the FPV goggles. Many have tried to lower down the cost by choosing lower-end components. However, those units don’t sell well because the quality is not good. Many FPV racing enthusiasts still prefer more expensive units that offer better quality. 


FPV goggles seem expensive. It is still considerably new technology and manufacturers are still trying to figure out ways to lower prices without sacrificing quality. Although there are more affordable models out there, you have to consider the experience you want to have. More expensive units with better components and features will surely be worth the hundreds of dollars you’d have to pay. 

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