multirotor drone

The world of drones is vast. Like we’ve discussed in a previous article, there are many types of drones and they can be classified in various ways. Additionally, there are also different ways on how you can customize your drone. For today, we will do a side by side comparison between the single rotor and multirotor drones. This will help you decide on which to use for the purpose you intend to use it.

What Is The Main Difference?

The main difference between the two is the number of rotors they use to stay airborne. For single-rotor drones, it only has one rotor and a tail rotor, which doesn’t count, to keep it in the air. The tail rotor helps single rotor drones with directional motion. Multirotors, as you’ve might have already guessed, use more than one rotor and that doesn’t include the tail rotor. They usually have 2-8 rotors. 

When Do You Use Single Rotor Drones?

As a drone with only a single rotor, you can have longer blades connected to it. With longer blades, the drone can stay in the air even when it is spinning at a slower pace. That means that there is less energy used. This is why single rotor drones are great for applications that require extended hovering. Additionally, single rotor drones are also more capable of carrying heavy loads as compared to multi-rotor drones. 

Useful as they are, they can also be more dangerous than multi-rotor drones. This is because of the larger and heavier blades that their rotor spins to keep them airborne. Compared to multirotor drones, they are also more challenging to control, especially for beginners.

When Do You Use Multirotor Drones?

Most drone enthusiasts who use them today use multirotor drones because they are easier to control. They are mostly used for aerial photography, aerial cinematography, surveillance, or leisure. This is because you can easily position them for the shot you’d like to take. Additionally, they are also more affordable. 

However, you also have to take note that they consume more energy because their multiple rotors have shorter blades and need to spin faster. With multiple rotors consuming higher energy, you can expect that it can’t spend as much time flying as compared to single rotor drones. 

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