As the our industry matures, technology improves, and the prices come down, drones have been making their way into dozen of new and interesting fields every year.

From surveying to real estate, from transportation to agriculture, drones have certainly outgrown their recreational niche in the matter of 15 short years.

According to, today’s drone use in the security sector is regarded as one of the strongest growth areas, with double-digit growth for years to come. With night operations, hostile scenarios, or even hard-to-reach locations, there is a huge potential for drones in the security industry.

Drones For Commercial Security

The opportunity for drones in the commercial industry sector is huge. Most of the top security firms are willing to adopt or are already using drones for security purposes. They offer the use of drones in addition to other software, hardware, and other security services. For now, drone technology is only a part of the whole security services. Companies use them manually as part of their service.

To deploy drones autonomously at a large-scale level, for the security purposes in huge commercial and industrial facilities, it needs the following:

  1. Reliable hardware
  2. Cloud-based software
  3. Seamless integration

Drones For Home Security

Drones for commercial security are still at its early stages. Another possibility is using drones for home security. Drones can provide a good view of the whole property but you can’t expect it to hover over the property 24/7.

Another limitation is the motion detection. Most drones do not have motion detection sensors. However, some can be programmed to work with them. On the other hand, drones can also use infrared sensors for better surveillance at night.

Implications On Privacy

With the use of drones for security purposes, some are also concerned about their privacy. Although drones provide surveillance for a home, property or commercial area, it may also record and capture surrounding areas as well.

Security companies who use drones for security may claim that they respect and won’t invade the privacy of the neighbors. However, they can still capture images of the neighbor’s property, especially in densely populated areas.

Rules And Regulations

Rules and regulations about the use of drones are there but there is still room for improvement. As we get used to the idea of using drones, the rules and regulations will progress too. What’s great is that there is already an authoritative body in charge of creating and implementing them. 

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