FPV Racing In A Clandestine Warehouse

Hello my name is Alan, and after years of clean living, I am now an adrenaline junky, with a split personality.  I play a mild mannered driver for a towing service by day, and transform to a crazy time-manic FPV racer by night, sort of like Bat-Man and his alter ego Bruce Wayne.  But with two years of flying competitive First-Person-View drone racing (FPV Racing) under my belt, I felt it appropriate in my new blog to pen my felling in an confessional post.

Learning To Fly Your Drone

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.  In fact, I LOVE this sport.  I love the fact that it’s so NEW.  It’s like the wild west out there as far as finding places to race, garages, airport hangers, warehouses, outdoor forest locations.  The comradely, the cool factor, and new-ness.  I feel as if the sport is just starting to get legs and I’m in on the ground floor which is a beautiful thing to behold.

While I’ve always been a gamer, controlling racing drones is like a whole new level of real in my humble opinion.  With the danger of seriously ruining your $700 (or more) investment, it puts an even more realness to the races, in which a television and a even the most realistic first-person action games or racing platform simply can’t duplicate.

The technology just keeps getting better as well, whether it’s the 360 headsets, the audio or the race communication networks, it a business opportunity for those looking to build the sport up to Ninja-Warrior, or (yes I’ll say it) NFL levels.

On the downside, because it IS so new, there isn’t quite the acceptance from the public yet. In many of the locations, where we’ve spent hours setting up the track, we can get shut down at any time by police, security or a gnarly homeowner, which can be a real bummer and a waste of a whole day.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy our blog.  It’s a work in progress to be sure, but I hope to grow it into a hangout for like-minded adrenaline junky schizos.



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